Kindred Kreators offers the following services
(*Fee amounts are tax deductable donations that support the work and expansion of the Kindred.)

Marriages and Funerals

$150 service fee per/day and $1/mile
Service fee waived for Hammered Members, $1/mile only


$75/hr and $1/mile
Service fee waived for Hammered Members, $1/mile only.

  • Life Guide
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Anger Management
  • Financial Planning


$75/hr and $1/mile, 2 hour minimum

Rune Casting

$40/casting ~ $20 on ritual holidays
Casting fee waived for Hammered Members

Kindred College

Tuition $25/ 2hr session
$240 if donated in advance for 12 sessions

  • Rune Courses – Video Conference
    12 weeks 24 hours of instruction
    Certificate and rune necklace upon completion
  • Odinist Bible Study Courses – Video Conference
    Ordination upon completion
  • Priest & Priestess Courses – Video Conference and In Person
    Ordination upon completion

Community Service Fund Raisers

Donations is task oriented

  • Construction
  • Remodel
  • Painting
  • Landscaping
  • Handyman
  • Snow Removal
  • Custom Artwork

Kindred Charters

  • Religious/Cultural Diversity Consultation
  • Type: Religious Non-profit Corporate sole
  • Benefits Include: Tax Exempt Status, Corporate Bank Account, Charter Schools & Businesses without 501(c3) limitations.