Odin is a god of magic, not just of wisdom.  He appeared often in the sagas to the heroes as a wizard.  So would be wise to learn the magic of gods and wizards to achieve your goal.  The lore teaches that he has two ravens, Hugin and Munin that fly the nine worlds every morning before breakfast and bring him back news from afar.  This means he is a learning god, not like the Etin giants who know all they are ever going to know from the beginning of the worlds. They are mighty in knowledge, yes, but Odin grows in knowledge.  That is not something they can do.  Odin collects wisdom, including the wisdom of magic from wherever he can find it.  He learned “Seidr” magic from the goddess Freya and taught her “Galdar” magic in return.  Odin cares not from where he gets his wisdom and knowledge, only that it works…only that it is true!  So let us follow the path he has shown us to reach our destiny, the destination of the divine life, the good life, a god’s life.

Before I begin, I want to define for you what you are pursuing as a Northern Way Odinist: Awareness.  We are pursuing 100% internal awareness and 100% external awareness.  This is what makes a god. Odin, Thor, Heimdall, Frigga, Freya and all are 100% internally aware of themselves. They are pursuing 100% external awareness. That’s what makes them gods and goddesses.  So we are pursuing the same. Your mission in life is to answer this question: “How would a god live his life in MY body?”  You cannot live in another’s body, so you must find out how to live a good life, a god’s life, in your body.  That is what I will be teaching you how to do.

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The first exercise is called the “Hand Loading Exercise.”  It teaches you how to “take things in hand.” It loads your hand with everything you need in times of struggle to collect your power and bring your peace of mind back “in hand.”

Choose a place to sit for about 15 minutes where you will be undisturbed by others.

Relax. Close your eyes. See your body through the middle of your forehead. Become conscious of your hand, each finger at a time, the first finger, the second finger, third finger, fourth finger, and then your thumb.  Repeat the process as you become aware of your fingernails, then your knuckles and skin on each finger. Allow yourself to become aware of the blood flowing into your hand.  Your hand will begin to feel warm from that blood. Once you are aware of every part of your hand, then become aware of your wrist, then forearm, then shoulder, then chest.  Allow yourself from there to become aware of your whole body as your consciousness spreads down to your legs and feet and back up to your chest.

You may ask yourself, “Why do I need to do this?” The answer is an internal one. Inside many live in memories of the past. We call it “re-living” the past. That is, some past hurt, trauma, or insult. Maybe someone humiliated you, like a bully at school, or a boss at work or co-worker. Maybe a spouse or parent tormented you, said things about you that made you question and doubt yourself. Or maybe someone left you that gave you strength and confidence, like a friend or family member. This exercise will bring you into the moment of your experience of life right now. Right now no one is hurting you. Right now no one is humiliating you. Right now there is no doubt you are a survivor. You made it passed them and every circumstance to stand right now as a living one. Right now you made it this far. You are a survivor. If you are missing someone, then right now you have the benefits surviving in you of all of those who have passed through your life. They gave what they had and right now be thankful for the time and experiences you did get to have with them. Right now they live in you and through you because you are alive with the power and benefits of their life within you. Right now you have the power to make choices of where to take it from here.

That is what this exercise is for, to bring you up to date, to bring you to right now, so you can take your life “in hand” and realize, with “real eyes” where you are right now and where you can “take it” from here.

That is if you are caught in your head re-living the past, but what if you are tormented by the future? Many are tormented by future “possibilities.” They think, “I could lose my job. The car could break down. My spouse could leave me. My children could be hurt. I may die. I could lose everything.” What comes with this thinking is a sense of powerlessness and vulnerability for some, because we don’t know the future. It seems out of control. Things are “out of hand,” because we can’t choose what happens to us. Rain and snow happen to us. We do not get to choose when and where they do. People do things to us, like “rain” on our parade. We cannot choose for them whether they “will” do this or not.

I noticed from reading about our ancestors is there is one thing they knew from birth and one thing they did not know. The one thing they did know was we are all going to die. The one thing they did not know was…when. They also believed, “No man is so poor he cannot afford a noble death.” So, although they knew they were going to die, they could use their power and will to determine one more thing–how I will die. That is, they could determine they would die…nobly. So they used the knowledge of the one thing they knew for sure about the future, they were going to die…sometime, to know one more thing. “I am not dead….right now.” Therefore, I still have the power to “determine” how I will die, even though I don’t know when. I cannot control “when” I will die, but I sure can determine “how.” That is by living each moment, right now, how I want to live…noble, free, and good, regardless of what other people do, regardless of whatever happens to me.

This exercise brings you out of the unforeseeable “future” into the “see-able” moment of right now. Right now things are “in hand.” Right now the future has not happened yet. Right now you have the power to simply be you. Whatever you want to be within your power. Right now you are alive and with that life you can face the future with the power you have in hand…right now. You cannot “see” the future, but you can “see” and feel…right now. With the awareness of right now you have the power to make choices that will create your destiny. Right now you can face life because you are alive…right now, as you think of your hand.


(Anglo Saxon: WODEN, WILLI & WEY)

Next become aware of your breathing. Take three breaths. Once you have done that, then put your hand on your stomach and try to take one good breath using just your stomach. Allow your stomach to expand out as you breathe in, then push your stomach in as you breathe out. Do this, until you get the rhythm synchronized. Allow your stomach to expand out as you breathe in, and then push your stomach in as you breathe out.

Next take one breath just using your chest. Put your hand on your chest. Allow your chest to swell up as you breath in, then let your chest back down as you breath out. Do this, until you get one good breath that way.

Then take one breath through your nose. Put your finger beside your nose. Become aware you have the power to just use your nose to breathe in, then breathe out.


Now, put your hand on your chest and hold your breath. After holding it in, then choose to breathe again at your will. Breathe in deep and hold it a second time, then release it at will. Breathe in a third time, after holding it, release the breath and breathe normally.

Ask yourself this question, “Can I stop myself from breathing?” The answer you just learned is, “Yes.” Then ask yourself, “Can I start breathing again after I have stopped it?” The answer you just learned is, “Yes.”

You have met your soul. The ancient world believed that our souls were connected to our breath. It is your soul that breathes at will. You can stop it, and if you do, you can start it again. You have that much power in hand.


Now become very still and become aware of your heartbeat, feel your hand, feel the warmth and connection of your hand to your heart as the blood flows through your hand, through your arm and back to your heart. Become aware of your heart beat, how many times you have felt it pounding after a run or working out. Allow yourself to become aware of it now…

Ask yourself this question, “Can I stop my own heart from beating right now?” Listen to your answer… The mind may argue theories and ideas, but pursue the truth. Not someone else, “Can you stop your heart from beating right now?” The answer is, “No.” If there is any argument inside you over your mastery and potential, then ask your self this question, “If I did stop it by the power of my will right now…just like stopping my breath, could I start it beating again after it stopped?” You know the answer is, “No.” I cannot do that right now.

You have now met the gods… Your heart beats by THEIR will. Some other will and power keeps your heart beating right now. You cannot will it to stop and if you did, you could not will it to start again. Your heart will stop someday by THEIR will. Therefore, it is THEIR will that you live… How do we know this? Because, right now, as you read this, there are many hearts that stopped beating all around the world… It is not the gods will that they continue to beat for now. No matter how much those people “will” their hearts to continue to beat, or for the moments right after it stops, their “will” cannot start it beating again, their hearts “will” not on its own. For it is not the gods’ “will.” for them to beat at this time.

So what does this mean? It means the gods will you to live at this moment. Since the gods are “good,” by definition, the word “good” comes from the Old English word “god,” that means there is “good” in you, “good” to be done by you. That is, the “good” will of the gods…or you would not continue to live. Your heart would not continue to beat. Feel your hand. Know what you just learned is true. Close it as a fist, then open it. That is the power you have in hand, in your will. So it is by your will AND the will of the gods…You LIVE.

Remember this, in times of doubt. Remember they have given you this power in your hand. You must use it wisely. If you ever want to commune with the gods, then repeat this exercise, get it down to the point you can become aware of your heartbeat…and feel THEIR WILL for your “life.” Talk with them there. You know they hear, for they are in you sustaining your life from the beat to beat of your heart. There you will find the answers you need, the answers you seek to move on to the good life.

Repeat this exercise until it is easy for you… to become aware of your hand—actually feel it. Do it until it becomes easy for you to take three breaths, one from your stomach, one with your chest, and one through your nose. Do it until it becomes easy for you to become aware of your heartbeat…and until you know…from where that power comes… to live.