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Odin’s Eye

“Odins Eye: Seeing Life with the Eye of God” is a graphic summary of the Northern Way.

Professor Kevin Decker:

decker“Many of the principles that Mr. Webb teaches are to be found in the self-published booklet ‘Odin’s Eye: Seeing Life with the Eye of God.’ Using his own time, skills, and money, Mr. Webb has exhaustively researched the Norse mythology and axiology in order to demonstrate how the beliefs and values of “our ancestors” can be applied today. What is remarkable about his effort is that he has produced, through this research, a “virtue theory” of ethics that rivals Greek and Christian efforts for their robustness. “Odin’s Eye” makes reference to the examples of Norse deities like Odin and Balder, and the metaphorical significance of mythological creatures from the Norse pantheon like elves, dwarves, and giants with a force and vivacity that makes me wonder why people ever stopped believing in them.”


Professor Garrett Kenny:

kenney “Mr. Webb has shared with me his self-published booklet “Odin’s Eye: Seeing Life with the Eye of God”. I read this booklet with delight. Essentially, he argues that balance is the essence of the good life and that balance is achieved by aligning one’s needs, wants, priorities, responsibilities, and relationships with a center that is anchored powerfully in that which is good. Mr. Webb describes this balance and center against the backdrop of Nordic myth and symbolism and presents an ethic that compares favorably in its appeal with the golden mean of Aristotle, the middle way of the Buddha, and chung yung of Confucius.”

The Eyes of Odin

“The Eyes of Odin” is a graphic in-depth presentation of the Northern Way. It is a two volume edition in a single paperback of “Odin’s Eye: Seeing Life with the Eye of God” and “Odin’s Inner Eye,” which covers the Nine Roles of Men and Women, the Nine Virtues, and the Functional Life of the Northern Way.

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Poetic Edda

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Poetic Edda–Thorpe 1907 and 1866 | Poetic Edda–Bellows 1936

The Poetic Edda is one of the source texts of Odinism and the Northern Way. It was written over a thousand years ago. It contains a collection of the varied stories, myths and wisdom of our ancestors. Much has been lost or destroyed of our former beliefs by the Christian purges, but these are what remain. Authorship is debated by scholars, as well as some obvious Christian injections. Because of that, one can remain skeptical, yet they are still the surviving core texts that can be confirmed by secondary literature written by the Norse in auxiliary writings like the sagas. So they provide an insight into how our ancestors thought and conceived of the gods and goddesses of our people.

They were written in poetic form, which is true of most sacred literature. So it is sometimes difficult to read or comprehend, but our ancestors wanted us to think about it. They liked puzzles and riddles. So it was written this way intentionally, more to inspire curiosity and set the mind searching for deeper truths for life rather than provide answers. There are different translations of it, just like the Bible, but it is not the words that matter as much as the truth they “trigger” as you try and “figger” what Poetic points they are trying to make…


Prose Edda

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Prose Edda–Anderson 1897 | Prose Edda–Brodeur 1923

The Prose Edda is similar to the Poetic Edda in that it includes the myths and stories of the gods and goddesses of Asgard. It borrows from the Poetic Edda stories to expand and comment on them. It was written by Snorri Sturluson around 1200 C.E. with an introduction trying to give a physical explanation for the spiritual myths of the gods. Since it is very old and closer to the source of our ancestor’s beliefs, it is also a source text, like the Poetic Edda, that is relied upon for re-construction of the Troth, or Religion, of our folk.