Facilitators & Support

Melannie_bioMelannie Jones

Gythja High Priestess of Kindred Kreators

Melannie has been following the Northern Way since 2008, but has been searching all her life. She is also a member of the Buffalo Trace Society, which is a Native American shamanistic training program. She describes it as going to Vanaheim for the day. She has a particular skill and interest in nature and animals. She was the former president of the Inland Empire Golden Retriever Club. She has high level organizational skills and is a current member of the Board of Directors of the Economic Development Council of Pend Oreille County.


andrew_bioAndrew Webb

Founder of Kindred Kreators & Author of “The Eyes of Odin.”

Andrew Webb has been following the Northern Way since 2002. He is the founder of Kindred Kreators which has been recognized by the Secretary of the State of Washington, Sam Reed.  Kindred Kreators was registered on July 23, 2009 whose primary focus is community service and good works.

Andrew is also the author of “The Eyes of Odin,” copyright 2011, which can be found in the “Literature” section under the “Odinism & Asatru” tab.  His book includes the shorter booklet, “Odin’s Eye,” which can be read here online also in the “Literature” section under the “Odinism & Asatru” tab.

He graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2010. He holds four degrees in Anthropology, Philosophy, Religion and Business. Andrew Webb has done volunteer work in homeless shelters for adults and At-Risk-Youth from 2006 to 2008 for Port Angeles Serenity House and Dream Center. He has worked with loved ones in prison and their families from 2005 to today. He has an active outreach to military members and their families with current Kindred members from the Army to the Air Force.

Andrew has conducted Handling Hostility seminars for program directors of YMCA Y-House (Karen Toth), The Answer For Youth (Susan Hilgren), Pathways to Success (Stephanie McDonald), Serenity House Homeless Shelter and Dream Center (Mike Svec), and the Sheriff’s Meth Task Force (Jim Borte).

Andrew Webb is located in Medical Lake, Washington, P.O. Box 1170, 99022. He holds kindred meetings online with those who are not local. He travels to member locations to maintain in person contact and counseling. He performs weddings and provides family counseling services. He enjoys social interaction and simply won’t stop talking.


SamReed2Sam Reed, Secretary of State

The Secretary of State, Sam Reed, and Andrew holding the Kindred Kreators Charter Sam Reed signed into law.




deckerDr. Kevin Decker

Advisory Board Member
Assistant Professor
Philosophy Program
Eastern Washington University
Author of Star Trek and Philosophy

Quote from a letter by professor Decker of philosophy states:

“Many of the principles that Mr. Webb teaches are to be found in the self-published booklet ‘Odin’s Eye: Seeing Life with the Eye of God.’ Using his own time, skills, and money, Mr. Webb has exhaustively researched the Norse mythology and axiology in order to demonstrate how the beliefs and values of “our ancestors” can be applied today. What is remarkable about his effort is that he has produced, through this research, a “virtue theory” of ethics that rivals Greek and Christian efforts for their robustness. “Odin’s Eye” makes reference to the examples of Norse deities like Odin and Balder, and the metaphorical significance of mythological creatures from the Norse pantheon like elves, dwarves, and giants with a force and vivacity that makes me wonder why people ever stopped believing in them.”

kenneyDr. Garrett C Kenney

Advisory Board Member
Associate Professor of English/Religious Studies
Eastern Washington University


Quote by professor Kenney of Religion:

“Mr. Webb has shared with me his self-published booklet “Odin’s Eye: Seeing Life with the Eye of God”. I read this booklet with delight. Essentially, he argues that balance is the essence of the good life and that balance is achieved by aligning one’s needs, wants, priorities, responsibilities, and relationships with a center that is anchored powerfully in that which is good. Mr. Webb describes this balance and center against the backdrop of Nordic myth and symbolism and presents an ethic that compares favorably in its appeal with the golden mean of Aristotle, the middle way of the Buddha, and chung yung of Confucius.”

macmullanDr. Terrance Macmullan

Advisory Board Member
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Honors
Eastern Washington University
Author of Habits of Whiteness

Quote by professor MacMullan of Philosophy:

“When I read his booklet Odin’s Eye I was stunned because his work aligns perfectly with my efforts to get European Americans to take responsible pride in their cultural traditions in a way that is both fully aware of past and present racism against people of color and directed towards more fully democratic and pluralistic communities. When I read that his program ‘promotes a multi-cultural approach to establishing good will and cooperation with community interests by celebrating cultural diversity and the diversity of religious traditions’ I was eager to help in any way I could. Andrew’s program taps into the ancient wisdom of the Northern peoples to chart a path back to normal and responsible life…”

saudersDr. Robert R Sauders

Advisory Board Member
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography and Antropology
Department of History
Eastern Washington University


dehaasDr. Jocelyn Dehaas

Advisory Board Member
Visiting Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Eastern Washington University