Kindred Kreators is a Religious Non-Profit Organization that reaches out to individuals, families and communities. We work to help others reach the “Good Life” through our programs and services. We do community service work such as building projects, helping the elderly and single moms, as well as working with at-risk youth and incarcerated men and women and their families, including military personnel. While we work really hard to help people all over the world, it takes people like you who donate to help our organization touch all these people’s lives for good. All of the proceeds from your donation help continue our programs and are tax deductible for you, which means the government would rather have you give money to us rather than to them.

Please send your tax deductible donations to:

Kindred Kreators

P.O. Box 1170
Medical Lake, WA 99022

We appreciate your continued support so we can work together to bring others to the good life!