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How do Odinists Connect with the Gods?

Q. Anthony: “How would you say an Asatruar can connect with the gods? Like, how does one pray or carry out the Norse equivalent of worship? I know Asatru view their gods differently than say Christians view theirs.” A. Andrew: You are recognizing the differences between Asatruars and Christians, yet wondering how we as Odinists… Continue Reading

Is Odinism a Literal Belief?

Q. Anthony: I’m curious about the literal extents that modern Asatru follow their beliefs with. What I mean to say is, growing up in this age of information and science, are most modern Asatru followers of the faith on a truly faith-based level, do they only respect and live by the ‘good qualities’ of what… Continue Reading

Odinist Perspective of the Bible

One may ask why an Odinist website would have a section on the Bible. The reason is many Northern Way Odinists have relatives or acquaintances who use the Bible as their authority to oppose our beliefs. However, I discovered that the Bible does not oppose Odinist beliefs like Christians claim. In fact, the reverse is… Continue Reading