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Is Odin as Bölverkr an Evil-worker or a Farm-worker?

One of the alternative names for “Odin” is “Bölverkr” (Gylfaginning: 20; Skaldskaparmal: 6; Havamal: 109; Grimnismal: 47). It is the habit of most translators to interpret “Bölverkr” as “Evil-worker” or “Worker-of-evil” or some variation thereof (e.g. Jean Young, The Prose Edda, pg. 49; “Evil-doer”—Larrington, The Poetic Edda, pg. 326; “Bale-Worker”—Hollander, Grimnismal: 48, note 82). Therefore,… Continue Reading

Who is Mundilfari?

Mundilfari I have been looking up the meaning of the name “Mundilfari.”  The general consensus of the internet is that they are “uncertain of its etymology,” but it seems to mean to them, “the one moving according to particular times (?)”.  That quote was from “Nordic Names.”[1]  They even put in the question mark to emphasize… Continue Reading

Is Frigga Freya?

Is Frigga the same goddess as Freya? There is article by Daniel McCoy claiming that Frigga and Freya are the same goddess.  (The same line of reasoning can be found in his book, “The Viking Spirit,” [pgs. 36-39]). I deal with these kinds of questions all the time in my religious studies.  There is a… Continue Reading