About Us

Kindred Kreators is a religious ministry that follows the Northern Way. It is a religion of vision, power, and effort. Mythic vision inspires the mind. Spiritual power inspires confidence. Physical effort inspires achievement.

You may have heard, “God helps those who help themselves.” This is a Northern Way saying.

The gods give more vision to those who dare to dream. They give more power to those willing to express the experience, and more achievement to those who will strive for victory in the adventure we call “Life”.

We believe: “Life is to be lived for a Purpose in a Pattern to a Point.”

What is the purpose of the life? What is the pattern? What’s the point?
We follow these Nine Virtues:

Honor is better than dishonor.

Courage is better than cowardice.

Strength is better than weakness.

Freedom is better than slavery.

Diligence is better than laziness.

Excellence is better than mediocrity.

Loyalty is better than betrayal.

Hospitality is better than bigotry.

Wisdom is better than foolishness.
If you believe in these too, then:

“There are mysteries to master, victories to take.

There is distance to conquer, space to shape.”


Kindred Kreators has been established as a Ministry Center for the restoration and promotion of the ancestral religion of Northern Europe to its descendants and inviting non-European descendants to enjoy its benefits as children of Heimdall by:

1.Fostering the Nine Virtues in the individual through the gods and goddesses of Ancient Northern Europe.
2.Developing functional balance between men and women through the Nine Roles of tradition
3.Restoring Family with home and hearth
4.Harmonizing human conduct with nature
5.Working for the restoration and preservation of nature in neighborhoods
6.Promoting respect for cultural diversity in communities
7.Providing hospitality to the needy
8.Promoting freedom from all the forms of captivity
9.Inspiring awareness of the Divine Animal


Kindred Kreators was officially recognized on July 23rd, 2009 by the State of Washington through the Secretary of State, Sam Reed as a Religious Corporate Sole. It is a faith based organization and all donations are tax deductible. Kindred Kreators is the offspring of Odin’s Kindred, originally an education and information Kindred about the Northern Way religion, which was officially recognized as a Religious Corporate Sole on May 1, 2009. Kindred Kreators began in order to do good works and community service activities as it raises awareness of the good life for sovereign godly people.

“In each man’s circle, he reigns as king. Master your circle. Vie to be King!”

“In each woman’s circle, she reigns as queen. Increase your circle. Vie to be Queen!”

Its founder, Andrew Keith Webb, is also the author of, “The Eyes of Odin,” which can be found in the Literature section under the “Odinism & Asatru” tab.